Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Getting Settled

This afternoon I was talking to Steve catching up on some stuff and suddenly it got really echo-y and I couldn't hear him very well. I asked what happened only to have him tell me that he had walked into our living room! How sad is that?! It is so empty in there! It must be really big though because the echo was LOUD!

Other than being a little lonely in a completely empty house, he seems to be doing well. He was able to buy a bed yesterday so he didn't even have to spend a single night on an air mattress! Another contractor, Joe, went with him to the post to get the bed and used his truck to help move it. Thank you Joe! He also said that Chris, our landlord, left him a few glasses and dishes so that he at least has something he can eat a sandwich off of. Thanks Chris! It's comforting to know that there are nice people that are willing to help us out......

I sold my car yesterday - the last major item that needed to be dealt with. So, I'm driving the truck which I'm sure is a little - um - entertaining for the poor folks sharing the road with me. That thing is a monster! I miss my Jetta already.

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