Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Okay, so I still have some catching up to do. Venice could take a while. It was A-MAZING! But the highlight of our day here in Heppenheim is the arrival of our friends Ben & Janet! They landed about an hour ago and should be negotiating the drive here very soon. Ben's 30th birthday is this Friday and we plan to celebrate with him by taking a four day weekend and traveling to Salzburg, Munich and Neuschwanstein. They will be our first official house guests and we could not be more excited! Kudos to Janet for planning, not only a surprise party back in Dallas, but planning this whole trip behind Ben's back....crafty...

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Amy Mc. said...

It looks like you all have been having so much fun traveling. I can not wait to see the Venice pictures. Have fun in Munich, Fussen, and Salzburg. Munich is one of my favorite cities in Europe. The whole ares is so beautiful. The Haufbrau House is one of the most unique experiences. My family teases me about this, but I love the Sound of Music tour. I have been on it twice. Even if you do not like the movie, it is a really good tour of the countryside. I can not wait to hear about your trip. When your make it over to Switzerland let us know.

Amy McCown