Saturday, October 13, 2007


We spent Friday and Saturday last weekend in Nurnberg. Steve's co-worker, John, was in town from Dallas for work and his sister and parents live in Nurnberg. We decided to tag along with him for a visit. Steve stayed with them earlier this year during one of his 2 week trips over. He got so sick at the time and they took care of him - even called their family doctor for him. We had a great time getting to know are a few photos from the weekend.

This is a church steeple turned fountain in the middle of the town square. John told us that it was supposed to be the church steeple but there was so much gold that, by the time they finished it, it was too heavy to get it up there. So now it is a fountain in front of the church. There is a gold ring in the gate that is supposed to bring good luck when you turn it all the way around. So I took advantage of the opportunity here....I'm waiting for my big lotto win any day now. :)

Steve and John on Hangman's Bridge...

This was an interesting city, especially since we had our own private tour from the guy that grew up there. John definitely has some fascinating stories...

We will have to make a trip back because there is a lot more to see and John's sister makes great schnitzel. :)

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The Binkley Family said...

Wow, wow, wow. You guys have such an exciting life now! So many neat things! I am glad you are enjoying it!