Monday, November 19, 2007

Gotta Love Unions!

I know everyone back home must be hating life having to watch reruns because the Hollywood writers are on strike. As annoying as that must be, we are finding it even more annoying that not only are the train engineers in Germany on strike,....again,...., for the fourth time since we got here this summer, but the French train engineers are also on strike. We decided to take the train to Paris this Thursday for Thanksgiving because as everyone knows "You can go anywhere on a train in Europe, it's so easy!" Yeah, as long as they aren't on strike again. We are hopeful that our train will still be running. We heard that international lines are still running, but we won't know for sure until Wednesday. If not, it is only 6 hours by car. If you believe that, read our blog about our drive to Berlin. Apparently, the German train engineers are holding out for a, get ready for this, 30% raise. Sounds reasonable to me. Actually, at this point, I would probably support it if they would promise to stop striking until we return to the States. The only thing worse than this is what our neighbor told us about how last year all the Doctors went on strike, for 5 months, and the only way you could get medical help is if you were about to die. If that doesn't make you jump up and vote for universal, government run, social health care, I don't know what will. Anyway, that is about enough cynicism for one post. Hopefully we will have some good pictures of Paris to post next week. Speaking of pictures, here is the URL to our flickr photos:
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The Binkley Family said...

Just as an FYI, gary thinks that government run medicine will be devestating to the US. But I agree, these strikes are the pits!