Tuesday, November 13, 2007


We have snow in the forecast this week!

The grown-up me is sort of hoping it's a false alarm. Let's face it - I'm not the greatest driver even on dry roads. I'm already in a foreign country with foreign roads and foreign drivers that make Dallas highways look as friendly as the state motto, driving a car that is my husband's Baby. That's really enough pressure - really. We will not have our winter tires on until Thursday. So there are lots of grown-up red flags in my head hoping for no snow.

The kid in me - well, the kid in me that can count on one hand the times in her life that she's seen snow that did not also involve the dreaded "wintry mix" - is so excited she can hardly stand it. I have visions in my head of what our home looks like covered in snow. I don't know whether or not we will actually see it. We've been told the snow is kind of hit or miss in our area. We'll see. Stay tuned.... :)


The Binkley Family said...

I hope you get some real snow! I am sure that will provide some gorgeous pics.

What are is the holiday season like in Germany?

Steve said...

Christmas is huge over here. We are going to go to one of the largest Christmas markets in German in a few weeks. It is in Nuremberg and is called Christkindlesmarkt. Here is a link: http://www.christkindlesmarkt.de/english/index.php?navi=1&rid=2
We are going on a Monday because we have heard it is too crowded on the weekends. There are some smaller towns that have good markts too that we plan on visiting as well, such as Rudesheim and Michelstadt.