Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dear Friends

Katie & Lisa came to visit me (I mean us) last week. One thing I'm noticing as we have more visitors is that I am beginning to take more and more pride in my new found home (guess it's the Texan in me). I want the people that visit us to love Germany as much as we have come to. I think Katie & Lisa loved it....mission accomplished.

Though the weather was not as temperate as I had first told them it would be...I think my exact words were, "We're on the verge of spring here!" (see previous post) - they still saw some of Germany's "must-sees", tasted the "must-tastes", saw a fairy tale winter wonderland and gave me a fabulous dose of girl time (don't worry, Steve gets a big ole dose of guy time in three short weeks).

Among the places I visited with them was Luxembourg, a city Steve and I visited last summer. However, one new thing that I learned about Luxembourg is that chivalry is alive and well there. We parked in this parking space for the day...

I almost passed it by, assuming it was for expectant mothers or something (you know, like at Babies R Us). But, Katie in her French fluency insisted that this was for all women, expecting or not. And judging from the size of the pictured girl's waistline, I was inclined to agree. Score.

Here we are overlooking some ruins that we never fully identified. Of course, since they left, spring has returned and we are super excited about the extra sunshine starting tomorrow (daylight savings time for us). So for those of you interested, we are back to being 7 hours apart instead of the 6 that we have been for the last three weeks.

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Lisa said...

We most definitely loved every minute of it, Jami!! (Ok - well maybe not my finger being smashed in the car door, but definitely everything else.) You should absolutely be proud of your new home. Germany was voondershurn! (Sorry, Katie - I just stole your word :))