Sunday, August 24, 2008


Our hotel started breakfast early for us so we could catch the 7:00am train to the top of the Jungfrau. It's about a 45 minute ride up with stops along the way to check out the panaroma views and take pictures. We were definitely not the only ones catching the early train and we ended up very grateful that we did. The place was ridiculously crowded by the time the 9:00am train arrived.

Steve and I took this trail to see what was up over the ridge. It was only about a mile (maybe), but the cold, windy, uphill walk at 11,000 ft. was quite difficult (for me, anyway).

Steve helped me pace by stopping at every other pole to catch my breath - okay sometimes it was every pole. He was very proud though when I made it two poles and sometimes three without stopping. :)

There was a little hut & restaurant when we got up over the ridge - yes, we were seriously roughin' it - where we warmed up with the largest cup (or bowl?) of coffee ever...

We hiked back to the train station/observatory where Steve's parents were patiently waiting for us. We rode the train down to the Kleine Sheidegg stop where we ate lunch on the sunny, warm terrace with fantastic views of the Eiger Glacier.
Then we set out on one of the suggested "easy" hikes to the next station - about an hour and a half away - where we would then catch a ride to the bottom. This was a fun, warm, relatively easy hike with LOTS to see. There were just the most spectacular views at every turn and fields and fields full of wildflowers.

The next day we drove to Zermatt which is about 3 hours from Grindelwald, including a rail ferry through a mountain (a first for us all). We hoped to see the Matterhorn but the weather was not so kind. We started up the trail but eventually conceded that the cloud cover was there to stay. It was rainy and Zermatt disappointed a little. It is unique in that there are no cars allowed in the city. So we had to park our car and take a taxi to the edge of town where they essentially dropped us off to walk into town. There are however, electric cars all over town so it's not exactly the 100% pedestrian feel you get in say, Venice. Still have to watch for cars. We bought some Swiss chocolate and headed back to Grindelwald. Even so, the drive was beautiful and we can say we've been on a rail ferry!


sarah said...

oh jamesies, could you please stop making up town names and stealing pictures from travel magazines? you're starting to insult my intelligence. ;)

Roddy said...

I have to somewhat agree with Sarah, you make it sound so beautiful that I feel I am almost there.
O wait! I was. I just can't tell about it the way Jami does.