Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ice Hockey

We attended our first hockey match a couple weeks ago. We saw the Mannheim Adlers (Eagles) play against...umm...I forget. It can be tough to pay attention when you have no real interest in who wins - though we were pulling for Mannheim - seemed like the thing to do being the home team and all. It's also hard to pay attention when you're standing for 3 hours. (actually 4 if you count the hour before the game we arrived to claim our "spot") Our tickets were in the fan block which is supposed to be where all the super-cool dedicated fans want to be. It's standing room only - and I found myself really relating to those sardines that get all squished together in a tin can. Poor guys. Next time I think I'll settle for being a super-uncool fan with no dedication whatsoever and just get seats. :)

Our neighbors, Binnur & Roland

Turns out hockey's pretty much the same here (not like that crazy "football"), although there is significantly less fighting on the ice.
SAP has their name all over the arena - they're kind of a big deal 'round these parts.

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