Saturday, August 15, 2009


Hvar is not the most easily accessible place. We spent twelve hours driving through Austria and Slovenia before we arrived in Rijeka - to catch our overnight ferry which would drop us finally on the island of Hvar after twelve hours at sea.

The ferry trip was intriguing in and of itself with people camping literally in the hallways, the dining room, the bar area, the landing in every stairwell, any nook or cranny one could fit a sleeping bag. Did not know people did that. I was thankful we had a room...with a bed.

Milna was our first stop from our early morning ferry arrival. We dropped in to say hello to our friends, whose family vacation we officially crashed when we booked this trip. Mike & Laurie have been vacationing on Hvar with their three children - well - since before they had three children. They had arrived 4 or 5 days before we did and seemed to be happy to see us.

Milna is a sleepy little fishing village - quiet, secluded and peaceful.
The kind of place you can get up at 8am for a swim in a sea you have all to yourself.
The kind of place where the day's big tuna catch becomes the local restaurant's evening special,
and you sit with a full belly as you watch the sun do this
and this
and go to bed thinking, "This is going to be a very good week."


marcy said...

YEA! so glad you are posting. this trip looks AMAZING. can't wait to hear more~

Ashley said...

Wow - unbelievable!