Friday, April 20, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Here are photos of our new home in Kirschhausen. I have to say the nice thing about setting low expectations is that I was very pleasantly surprised by this little beauty. I had prepared myself for a possible matchbox of an apartment with not much to look at simply because I didn't know what to expect. Well, I am so excited about this place and find myself already fantasizing about where things will go and what the view will look like out that giant window in our living room.

This is the kitchen - yes that eerily vacant space with NO sink, appliances, cabinets......hello culture shock! We were both quite surprised to find that it is common practice for European apartments to come with a completely empty kitchen just waiting to be customized to your every whim. that's why IKEA sells complete all makes sense now. Who knew?! Fortunately, Steve used his wily negotiating skills to convince our landlord that he wanted to go ahead and extend his remodelling efforts right into building out our kitchen. He even asked us what kind of fridge we would like.

I'm told our nameplate apparently already has this spot claimed just for us - the new Reynolds family home for the next two years.

Looking up at our place from the garden

View from the living room balcony

One of the three tiny bedrooms - latest quandary - can we fit a queen bed in here? Oh, I hope we can.....
Don't get me wrong - I am very thankful just to have the extra bedrooms - it is definitely more space than I imagined we would have. Plenty of room for guests......start staking out airfare now!

Newly remodeled bathrooms - another bonus


The Binkley Family said...

I am glad that you are keeping a blog now so I can see what you guys are up to. The new home looks really nice! We are hoping to come stay for a while, so pencil us in!

I started my blog when we were moving, and it definitely has been nice for everyone to keep up with us that way.

Best of luck to you guys!!!

Katie said...

I am definitely coming to visit y'all, so mark my name down for one of those bedrooms!

I'm certainly going to miss you guys, but I am so thankful for this adventure you're going to have!