Wednesday, September 5, 2007

New Toys

We have a television! We spent two full months, and remember Steve has a couple of weeks on me, sans TV. I don't consider either of us TV junkies by any stretch but living without it has still been a bit of a challenge. It has been REALLY quiet around here. Often this has been a good thing. We've both done a lot of reading....I've read five books since I got here! But there have also been times that we have really missed not being able to sit down and watch something. So I've re-activated our account and our queue is stocked. We're back in business.

We also have a car! A second car I mean. It has been REALLY nice to be mobile again. I am no longer spending five day stretches inside my house and ready to go nuts by Friday afternoon. :) I have to admit that I have quite surprisingly discovered my inner speed-demon. I have found myself driving on several occasions tipping up over the 100mph mark - and quite comfortably I might add. I don't know if it's the car or the roads or the no speed limit, but whatever it is, I like it.

This past weekend we went to Wurzburg and Bamberg - two cities just east of us about two hours by car. I will post photos shortly. We liked Bamberg better than Wurzberg. I think we may have over-dosed ourselves on historical sights a bit. As we were leaving Wurzberg Saturday afternoon and heading for Bamberg, Steve asked me what significant things we were looking forward to seeing there. My response, "I don't know.....churches......old buildings.......forts & castles....." Don't get me wrong - everything we have seen has been unique and wonderful. I think we may have just gotten a little over-zealous in our first 8 weeks here. We head this Friday to Venice for the weekend (!!!!) so I think that will be a good change of pace.


The Binkley Family said...

Gary can't stop talking about Steve's car and how fun it looks. I hope yours is equally as fun!

sarah said...

Wurzburg! Did you see any Nowitkies?? that is where Dirk is from you know ... last time i was in Europe i was there for two weeks w/o my parents and then two with, and when they came they had that "i want to see everything" buzz, and i remember feeling so awful about my attitude b/c at one point i didnt even want to get out of the car to look at an amazing cathedral in this teeny little French town. crazy. i guess no matter what your surroundings they can somehow become the "norm"

as for ignoring you...never my sweet FRA prez!! i have been out of town and busy busy with school, excuses excuses... but i do love you and miss you dearly. maybe i can time a phone call to you sometime next week .. ! have fun in VENICE!!

Christy Degele said...

Reading about your adventures puts a smile on my face. I miss you dearly my sweet Jami.