Monday, January 31, 2011

One Sure-Fire Cure For The Winter Blues


The fact that I enjoy skiing is a complete phenomenon.  It goes against everything I know about myself - specifically, that I hate to be cold.  I think I hate to be cold more than I hate to be tired or hungry.  But the delicate balance of maintaining my pleasant demeanor is a little off topic.

We went skiing last weekend.

We drove to Garmisch which is a small-ish ski area with primarily intermediate terrain - which means I thought it was juuuust right - and Steve thought it was toooooo easy.  But we both managed to have a great time.  There was actually one new chair lift that was just perfect for us.  You could get off about halfway up and ski a red - which is an American blue - because heaven forbid the world standardize ski terrain color-coding.  Or, you could stay on the lift a little longer, and ski a black.  It's like this lift was designed specifically for Steve and Jami - because I could get off at the mid-point, Steve could get off at the top - and we ended up back at the bottom at almost exactly the same time.  So, we did that a lot.

We ate some yummy Bavarian food.

We fell into a tourist trap - which was unfortunate for dinner that particular evening - but fortunate for catching a little traditional Bavarian folk dancing.  I would love to post a video here but having technical difficulties...

Mostly it was just great being in the snowy, breath-takingly beautiful mountains.
It always is.

P.S.  This may not be funny to anyone but me....but....this is me....trying to remove my goggles without taking off my mittens.

It doesn't work very well, but I always gave it a shot before giving up and exposing my hands to that wretched cold.

Yay!!!  I did it!!!


Dana said...

I bet Laine would have loved to join you guys skiing! I enjoy skiing too for about 1/2 a day and then I'm just tired of being cold, wet, and sore! Glad to see some posts from you. :-)

The Antiques Diva™ said...

You're so inspiring me to hit the slopes!!!

jennyc said...

So fun! I love that you found a ski trail that was just right! We miss you - glad you're back blogging :)